EXTON Linux Live CD/DVD’s in English

My Linux Live CD/DVD’s in English »

ExTiX » version 110112 and 110108 based on Debian Sid with LXDE or KDE

Exton|Defender Super Rescue System » version 100914 based on Slackware 13.1 with LXDE

ExLight LiveCD » version 101216 based on Ubuntu 10.10 with Enlightenment

EXTON MultiBootCD 9-OS » version 101206 with nine (9) different miniLinux Systems


One thought on “EXTON Linux Live CD/DVD’s in English

  1. hey exton!

    i’m a big fan of your remasters and the stuff you do, keep up this brilliant work and don’t matter what others say!

    i have a little problem, and that is that i am interested in buying your multiboot-series-dvds which i found on your swedish homepage. are these versions available in english (or even maybe in german) too? if not is it possible to add languages after/while install? what are the prices incl shipping to germany? or is there the possibility of some paypal-paid download or something like that?

    i’m sorry to bother you with so many questions, but i don’t understand swedish at all and google translate doesn’t seem to do it any better…

    i would be very pleased if you drop me a line via my mail-adress sush667@web.de!

    as i already said: keep up the good work!

    rock on,


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