EXTON-AR (Arch Linux) KDE 2011

I have made a new Swedish remaster of Chakra/Cyrus 0.3.60 testing with KDE 4.6elegantly yours. Default language is English.

The ISO-file (863 MB) can be downloaded from The Swedish Linux Society server.

Installed packages
You can view a list over all installed packages HERE.  Among them Vlc, VirtualBox, CMake, Git and Skype, which explains the size of the ISO-file.

Language support
Only English and Swedish. Default language is English.

Nonfree drivers
You can choose to use nonfree drivers during the start of the system.

Make your own remaster
You can very easy make your own remaster of my remaster using the remaster program Larch 8 with a GUI. Install EXTON-AR to hard disk first and change everything the way you want it. (Add more/other languages support etc). Then just login to KDE as live or root and start Larch 8 by clicking on the panel icon “Remaster Arch Linux”. Choose the alternative “Larchify”. No special skills needed!

You can read more about EXTON-AR KDE 2011 LiveDVD HERE (if you understand Swedish).


Finally I want to say that everything works. No crashes or anything like that despite the fact that the Chakra Developers claim that version 110130 – 0.3.60 Cyrus is a beta-release.


2 thoughts on “EXTON-AR (Arch Linux) KDE 2011

  1. Hi,
    Can you please provide me ISO of latest version of arch linux containing KDE4 desktop with all necessary packages for LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL PHP) development and all commonly used audio and video support? If yes then please make such a custom ISO and then provide me its link so that I can download it and install on my computer.

    Best Regards …
    Pankaj Kumar

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