exGENT (Gentoo) LiveCD with kernel 3.0.4

I’ve made a new version of exGENT (Gentoo) LiveCD. The old version of exGENT is from 2009. My new exGENT Linux system use Fluxbox as Desktop Environment and kernel 3.0.4-exton. Fluxbox is used because of its speed. The system language is English because I want to spread exGENT across the world. Quite new is that I’ve found a suitable installation program, in which a Grub installation (Grub Legacy) is included. Even old exGENT could be installed to hard disk, but only “manually”. I have replaced the Gentoo kernel with “my” special kernel 3.0.4-exton, with support for “extra everything”.

The best thing with exGENT is the premier autodetection of hardware and the ability to easily install the system to hard drive and/or USB stick. Installed programs: Among many others Firefox 7.0.1 (latest version), AbiWord, Audacious, Wicd, GParted, gFTP, Pidgin, Apache (Web server), and Cups. Furthermore compilation tools so that you can install programs from source the Gentoo way.

The predecessor to exGENT, Exton-Gentoo, was built completely from scratch. I.e. all its programs were compiled from source. As for exGENT I have “cheated” a bit. I.e. exGENT is based on another Gentoo-based distribution, but I have changed (almost) everything. The changes are so great that virtually nothing remains of the originally distribution.

exGENT Linux can in 5 – 10 min be installed to hard drive. This means that all of you who might hesitate to perform a normal Gentoo installation – which can take up to a couple of days – now have the chance to get this great Linux system on your computers very easy. Read below on how the installation works.

Kernel with support for almost anything
If you have a new or/and unusual hardware you should try exGENT. This is because the system (using kernel 3.0.4) supports “all forms of” hardware.

Default language
The default language (locale) is set to English.

The default keyboard layout is American (us). Change it by running the command setxkbmap se (for Sweden) or click on the Swedish flag in the menu under System.

Install exGENT to hard disk
Please read this INSTRUCTION.

Install exGENT to USB stick

Use the program exGENT2usb or this method, which is the best one. To start exGENT2USB instead: Open up a terminal and run the command exgent2usb (as root). Follow the instructions on the screen.

Login to Fluxbox
When you start up your computer from the disc you will end up in in X/Slim Login Manager. Login as the ordinary user live or as root (superuser) with password live respectively root.

Read more (if you understand Swedish)…

See a screenshot of the Desktop HERE.

exGENT Linux can be downloaded from Sourceforge.netFast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory.


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