New version of SlackEX – 111023

I have made a new version of SlackEX 13.37 Gnome 3 LiveDVD.

New features in version 111023 of SlackEX (compared with the previous version from 110518)
I have replaced kernel with kernel 3.0.4-exton with support for “everything”. Kernel 3.0.4 is the latest available kernel on Moreover, I have installed Nvidia’s own graphics driver 285.05.09 and upgraded VirtualBox to version 4.1.4. Almost all other component software is also upgraded to the latest version by now (2011-10-23 – LIST).

Note that SlackEX advantageously shall be installed on a USB stick of at least 2 GB. The system is running really fast then and you won’t hear the sound from CD/CD-ROM drive. Note also that, among other things, SlackEX 13.37 Gnome3 can be seen as an alternative to Mandriva Flash (which costs 50 Euro).

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