A new version of ExLight (Ubuntu 11.10)

ExLight Live DVD is a remaster of Ubuntu 11.10 (alias Oneiric Ocelot). The Desktop Environment is Enlightenment 17 (Beauty at your fingertips). Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic is used. Program content: AbiWord 2.8.6, Skype 2.1 Beta, Thunderbird 7.0.1, Firefox 7.0.1, GIMP 2.6.11 and GParted 0.6.2. All programs have been updated to the latest available stable version as at 30 October 2011. The system language is English.

Login to Enlightenment
When you start up your computer from the disc you will end up in in X/LightDM Login Manager. Login as the ordinary user live or as root (superuser) with password live respectively root.

Read more (if you understand Swedish)…

The ISO file (exlight-e17-11.10-814mb-111030.iso) can be downloaded from the Swedish Linux Society server.

ExLight Linux Live DVD can also be downloaded from Sourceforge.netFast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory.

md5sum for ExLight ISO which is of 814 MB.

ExLight’s Homepage


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