DebEX-Mint 12 Xmas with KDE 4.7.3

The system is a remaster of Linux Mint 12 – codenamed “Lisa” (From freedom came elegance), released on 26 November 2011. The original system includes the Desktop Environments Gnome 3.2, Gnome Classic (Gnome 2.32) and Mate (a fork of the venerable GNOME 2 Desktop Environment). In DebEX-Mint 12 Xmas Edition, I have installed KDE 4.7.3 (latest stable version), as an alternative, so that everyone on the spot (during live operation) can compare the different Desktop Environments. I have replaced the original kernel 3.0.0-12-generic (the same kernel as in Ubuntu 11.10) with “my” kernel 3.1.4-exton-xmas-custom. Kernel 3.1.4 is the latest available stable kernel, which can be downloaded from The system language is English.

Why has the kernel been replaced?
Latest Ubuntu (11:10) and Linux Mint 12 original uses kernel 3.0.0-12-generic. There has been added a lot of different kinds of hardware support etc. in the latest stable kernel 3.1.4. So if you have acquired new hardware, which is not supported in Ubuntu 11.10 and/or Linux systems based on Ubuntu 11.10 it might be worth testing DebEX-Mint 12 Xmas. There is, among other things, support for brand new USB devices, like printers and cameras, etc. Odd support: Wii (which is not supported in Ubuntu’s latest kernel 3.0.0-12-generic). If you just want to switch to a newer Ubuntu kernel, you can read HERE or HERE. (If you understand Swedish).

Program content etc
Among many other programs LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, Wicd, Brasero, VLC, Gimp and win32 codecs. In addition, Java and all necessary additions in order to install programs from source. All programs have been updated to the latest available stable version as of 7 December 2011. See a complete list of all installed programs HERE.

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