Stable 3.2 kernel for ExTiX 9 x6 and other Ubuntu 64bit systems

NEWS 120115: New stable 3.2 kernel for ExTiX 9 x6 and other Ubuntu 64bit systems

I have compiled a new stable 3.2 kernel for ExTiX 9 x64.

A. Get the kernel 3.2.0-9-extix

B. Get the kernel-headers-extix

C. Get the kernel-headers-all

Run as root:
dpkg -i linux-headers-3.2.0-9-extix_3.2.0-9.16_amd64.deb linux-headers-3.2.0-9_3.2.0-9.16_all.deb linux-image-3.2.0-9-extix_3.2.0-9.16_amd64.deb


A new version of ExTiX 9 x64 is ready

I have made a new version of ExTiX 9 x64 LiveDVD

NEWS 120105
In version 120105 I have added:
1. A new kernel >> 3.1.7-extix
2. Flash in Firefox 8.0 (for YouTube etc.)
3. SSH
4. Package source for Spotify >> install with sudo apt-get install spotify-client-qt
5. Drivers for better performance when running ExTiX in VirtualBox
6. Firmware for Broadcom wireless cards.

ExTiX 9 is now NO 13 (120105) on’s “Popularity List“.


ExTiX 9 x64 LiveDVD :: The Ultimate Linux System

ExTiX 9 x64 is a remaster of Ubuntu 11.10 released on 13 October 2011. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity with Gnome 3.2. After removing Unity I have installed Gnome Shell and Razor-qt so that everyone on the spot (during live operation) can compare the different Desktop Environments. I have also replaced the original kernel 3.0.0-14-generic with “my” kernel 3.1.6-extix. Kernel 3.1.6 is the latest available stable kernel, which can be downloaded from The system language is English.