A new stable version of ExTiX 10 is ready


ExTiX 10 64bit is a remaster of Ubuntu 12.04 released April 26, 2012. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity 5.8. After removing Unity I have installed Gnome 3.4Gnome Shell and Razor-qt so that everyone on the spot (during live operation) can compare the different Desktop Environments. The system language is English.

Program content etc.
Among many other programs Libre Office, AbiWord, Firefox 12.0, Opera, Thunderbird 12.0.1, Brasero, Vlc 2.0.1, Gimp and win32 codecs. In addition, Java and all necessary additions in order to install programs from source. All programs have been updated to the latest available stable version as of May 17, 2012 >> see a complete list.

Read more about ExTiX 10
 (if you understand Swedish)…

Read more in English…


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