All twelve (12) of my Linux Live Systems in English are now available on

SoftpediaI received today (121010) a letter from Softpedias Linux Editor-In-Chief with the message that all my English remastered linuxsystem from today are included in Softpedias database for free download. Here is all the information and download pages on – the encyclopedia of free software downloads!

ExTiX 10 64bit Linux Live DVD

Exton|Defender Linux 2012 Super Rescue 

ExLight Linux Live DVD

exGENT Linux Live CD

CruxEX 2012 Linux Live CD

ArchEX Xfce4 Linux Live CD

SlackEX Linux Live DVD

Exton-Slack current Linux

EXTON MultiBootCD 9-OS

EXTON OpSuS 12.2 LXDE Linux live USB

MeX 12.04 64bit Linux Live DVD

PuppEX 2012 Linux Live CD

Three different servers
This means among other things that the above mentioned distributions now are available from three (3) different independent servers. Namely The Swedish Linux SocietySourceforge.netand So now I am guarded for all eventualities. On the other hand, the title is a bit misleading. The correct title would read “Three different Download places” or if you include LINUX.EXTON.NETFour different Download places.” If you click on the blue Download button on Softpedias different pages you will in fact be linked to (The aforementioned applies not only to my Linux distributions). Now there are only four exton distributions (out of sixteen), on just the one (1) server – The Swedish Linux Society. These four are: KNOPPIX-EXTON v7.0.4 Linux Live DVD, PCLinuxOS-2012 EXTON Linux Live DVD, Linux for all (LFA) 64bit 12.04 Live DVD and EXTON-MAN 2012 (Mageia 2) 32bit Maxi Live DVD. They have in common that the system language is Swedish.

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