CruxEX 3.0 64bit 2013 Linux Live CD

Crux logoCruxEX 3.0 64bit 2013 Linux LiveCD is based on CRUX 3.0 (latest version, released 130119), which is all Linux enthusiasts/nerds favorite OS. (CRUX 3.0 is a lightweight Linux distribution for the x86-64 architecture targeted at experienced Linux users). CruxEX 3.0 2013 uses the LXDE Desktop environment. I have replaced the original Crux kernel 3.6.11 with “my” special kernel 3.7.3-x86_64-exton, with support for “extra everything”.

My first version of CruxEX 3.0 from 130126 contained Fluxbox instead of LXDE. I had some trouble to install LXDE in CRUX 3.0, but finally succeeded. LXDE is a little more “user friendly” than the Desktop environment Fluxbox. In today’s version (130128) I’ve also added more support for Broadcom wireless cards.

Kernel 3.7.3 is the second latest available stable kernel (as of 130126). Among all installed applications are Firefox 18.0.1, Gimp 2.8.2 and Wicd. Furthermore compilation tools so that you can install programs from source.

CruxEX 3.0 64bit 2013 is – as my previous Crux-remasters EXTON-CR LXDE and EXTON-CR KDE – unique in the world. I.e. there is no other CRUX Live CD in any language (as far as I know). In any case, not for downloading.

If you have a new or/and unusual hardware you should try CruxEX. This is because the system (using kernel 3.7.3) supports “all forms of” hardware.

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