exGENT (Gentoo) 32bit Linux Live CD

Gentoo logoI’ve made a new version (130215) of exGENT, which is based on Gentoo. The old version of exGENT is from 120814. My new exGENT Linux live system uses LXDE as Desktop Environment and my “special” genkernel 3.5.7-gentoo-exton. LXDE is used because of its speed. The system language is English. Quite new is that I’ve found a suitable installation program, in which a Grub installation (Grub Legacy) is included.

Program content etc
The best thing with exGENT version 130215 is the premier autodetection of hardware and the ability to easily install the system to hard drive during a live session. Installed programs: Among many others GParted, Firefox, Thunderbird, AbiWord and Wicd. Furthermore compilation tools so that you can install programs from source the Gentoo way. (After the installation to hard drive). See a complete program LIST.

Installation to hard drive
Linux can be installed to hard drive in 1 – 5 min. (Depending on computer type). This means that all of you who might hesitate to perform a normal Gentoo installation – which can take up to a couple of days – now have the chance to get this great Linux system on your computers very easy.

NEWS 130310: exGENT can easily be installed to USB. Please read this INSTRUCTION.

Who is exGENT/Gentoo for?
Experienced Linux users or those who really want to learn Linux.

See a screenshot of the LXDE Desktop HERE.



One thought on “exGENT (Gentoo) 32bit Linux Live CD

  1. exGENT (Gentoo) live with LXDE and genkernel-3.5.7-gentoo-exton has been downloaded more than 500 times this week via Souceforge.net. In addition, all downloads via the Swedish Linux Society server. (Unknown how many).

    exGENT should therefore be a truely “good” Linux live system.

    Read more about exGENT: http://exgent.exton.net

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