A new version of ExTiX is ready!

ExTiXNEWS 130428
Version 13 (130428) of ExTiX 64bit Linux Live DVD is based on Ubuntu 13.04, released on April 25, 2013. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity (Ubuntu). In ExTiX 13 I have removed Unity and installed Gnome 3.6.3 with Cairo-Dock 3.2.1 instead. Used kernel: 3.8.0-19-exton. The system language is English.

See a screenshot of the Desktop

READ MORE in English or Swedish


8 thoughts on “A new version of ExTiX is ready!

  1. I have just installed Extix 13.04 64 bit,and find it easier to use than Unity.However I have a problem mounting USB Pen drives,as though the drive is shown there is directory for the drive.Are you working on a fix for this? Michael uk

  2. Well, you can mount your usb pen drive via Nautilus when logged in as root. When logged in as live or another ordinary user you can mount it this way:
    sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb1 (or sdc1)
    sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1
    sudo nautilus (if you want to change anything on mnt/sdb1)

  3. Eu estou no Brasil.
    Como utilizar o VLC para um arquivo em outro HD ?
    How do I do VLC for watch a file another HD?

    1. You’ll have to mount the HD as root or use Sudo.

      I will soon release a new version of ExTiX with kernel 3.9 and also see to that ordinary users can mount hard drives and usb pen drives.

      1. Good news that you will shortly be releasing a new version of EXTIX with Kernel 3.9 so that Hard Drives and Usb pen drives will mount automatically as I can only make a temporary mounting fix for USB Pendrives by using terminal command gsuk nautilus,the contents of the drive are then available..Thank you very much for an otherwise excellent Ubuntu 13.04 based operating system

  4. i’d like you to release the barebone version of ubuntu again.
    at least of the lts versions, with the mainline kernel and without bloat. i really like that
    razor qt, or lxde or xfce…
    thank you for the awesome job so far

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