EXTON-MAN 2014 (Mageia 4) 32 bit Linux live cd with LXDE

SlackwareI’ve made a quick and simple remaster of Mageia 4, released 140201. Mageia has been the third most popular Linux system in the world for some time now (according to Distrowatch.com).

Since Mageia (from the beginning) is based on Mandriva, I have decided to call my new remaster EXTON-MAN 2014, in line with my previous remasters of Mandriva, for example EXTON-MAN 2010 from 091123. I have also previously done three remasters of Mageia. Mageia 1 from 111111, Mageia 2 of 120930 and Mageia 3 of 130524. They were called EXTON-MAN 32bit 2011, EXTON-MAN 32bit 2012 respectively EXTON-MAN 64bit 2013 .

My changes of Mageia 4
I have removed the KDE Desktop environment and installed LXDE instead. KDE is a bit slow when running Mageia live. (I.e. from CD/USB). Study the full list of installed packages. The system language is ENGLISH. My previous remasters of Mageia were in Swedish.

Log in to LXDE
When EXTON-MAN has booted up you will end up at Slim‘s login manager. First press F1. It will look like this. Then log in to LXDE as user live or as root. Passwords: live/root.

Installation to hard disk
EXTON-MAN/Mageia can easily be installed to hard disk. Just follow the instructions.

Installation to an USB stick
The EXTON-MAN/Mageia ISO is a ISO-hybrid, which means that it can very easily be transferred (copied) to an USB pen drive. You can use two different commands.

1) cp exton-man-2014-32bit-lxde-664mb-140203.iso /dev/sdc
2) dd if=exton-man-2014-32bit-lxde-664mb-140203.iso of=/dev/sdc

Where sdc is the usbkey. Replace by yours (/dev/sdb for example), not sdb1. That’s all! Normally it works with any Linux distribution which include a decent/recent version of syslinux.

USB installations in Windows
Unfortunately it’s not possible to perform an USB installation of Mageia 4/EXTON-MAN 2014 in Windows using any “Live USB System Creator” (including UNetbootin). Believe me, I’ve tried them all!

How do I install new programs?
Please read Mageia’s Wiki Installing and removing software.

Who is EXTON-MAN 2014 32 bit LXDE for?
There is no official live Mageia 4 ISO with LXDE for downloading. (Only with KDE and Gnome). EXTON-MAN 2014 can be useful for people with older 32 bit computers who like to run an eminent Linux system (Mageia) live with some speed. Also of course for all people with computers with low RAM.

See this screenshot of the LXDE Desktop

The ISO file (exton-man-2014-32bit-lxde-664mb-140203.iso) can be downloaded from the Swedish Linux Society.

md5sum for the ISO file


3 thoughts on “EXTON-MAN 2014 (Mageia 4) 32 bit Linux live cd with LXDE

  1. Hello, i would like to try that but unable to download the iso file “550 Failed to change directory.

    Is the French langage available ?
    What should i do to download the iso ?

  2. Thanks but i search a Mageia/LXDE for CD because old PC’s can’t get DVD or USB stick… anyways good job ! Best regards

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