The Ultimate Linux System with kernel 3.13.3 – latest

ExTiXExTiX 14 64 bit (The Ultimate Linux System) is based on Debian/Ubuntu. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Unity (Ubuntu). After removing Unity I have installed Gnome 3.10 and Gnome Classic 3.10 (a perfect replacement for Cinnamon). The system language is English.

NEWS about ExTiX 14 version 140222
1. The ExTiX ISO is now a ISO-hybrid, which means that it can very easily be transferred (copied) to a USB pen drive. You can then even run ExTiX from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. I.e. you will enjoy persistence! I’ve found two scripts which make the installation to USB very simple. The scripts are quite ingenious. My tests show that they work flawlessly on USB installations of all normal Ubuntu systems. Read my INSTRUCTION how to use the scripts.
2. Another big improvement is that ExTiX 14 can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 2 (Copy to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or USB stick. You’ll need at least 2 GB RAM to run ExTiX that way.
3. ExTiX is now more stable than ever. All packages have been upgraded to the latest version by 140222.
4. It is now possible to install Nvidia’s proprietary drivers in ExTiX if you want or need it. Please read this instruction.
5. I’ve also installed version 2.1.1 of Vlc from source to make it possible to run Vlc when logged in as root.
6. I’ve replaced kernel 3.12.0-7-exton with kernel 3.13.0-9-exton (‘s latest stable kernel 3.13.3, released 140213).
7. The installation program Ubiquity (live installer) is now working as intended in ExTiX version 140222. I.e. a new user (your user) will be created during the installation process.

Feature OVERVIEW for the Linux 3.13 kernel

NOTE re. ExTiX 14 build 140219: After the installation is ready you’ll have to replace /etc/apt/sources.list with this file (sources-extix14.list). First change the name to sources.list. Then run the command sudo apt-get update. After that you can install any new packages or upgrade the whole system.

Screenshot of the standard live Desktop – ExTiX 14 with Gnome 3.10



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