Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.14!

SlackwareI have compiled a very useful (as I think) 64 bit kernel for Slackware 12.0 – 14.1 and/or all Slackware derivatives. For example Slax, Zenwalk, SlackEX and Exton|Defender. The kernel is compiled exactly the same way as Slackware’s latest kernel huge. “My” kernel 3.14-exton has even more support for new hardware, etc. Kernel 3.14 is the latest stable kernel available from Released (20140331).

Feature OVERVIEW for the Linux 3.14 kernel

If you want to install my kernel in your Slackware 64bit system, do this:

1. Download  linux-kernel-3.14-x86_64-exton.txzmd5sum
2. Install it with the command installpkg linux-kernel-3.14-x86_64-exton.txz
(The kernel is packed just like Slackware’s original kernels so that everything ends up in the right place)
4. If necessary, change your Grub Legacy/Grub2 configuration
5. If you have an Nvidia graphics card in your computer, you may need to look over your files in /etc/modprobe.d before restarting the computer. That is remove the “blacklisting” of Nouveau’s kernel module in the appropriate files blacklist.conf and nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf. With “my” kernel functions the Nouveau “free” driver works just fine.

Restart your computer and enjoy!

About extonlinux

I'm running this site,,,, and All Exton Linux distributions are hosted by The Swedish Linux Society. Sixteen (16) exton distributions can also be downloaded from - "Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory" and/or from - "the encyclopedia of free software downloads!"
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3 Responses to Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.14!

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  3. Saianara says:

    could you please post your .config for 3.14-exton?

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