Kernel 3.15.0-6-exton (3.15.0 stable)

TuxI have compiled yet another Ubuntu/Debian kernel for 64 bit systems. This time kernel 3.15.0-6-exton, equivalent to’s stable kernel 3.15.0, released 140610.

Feature OVERVIEW for the Linux 3.15 kernel

Install kernel 3.15.0-6-exton in Ubuntu/Debian based distributions
My self-compiled Ubuntu kernels can be used in all types of modern Ubuntu systems, including Mint. They can even be used in Debian Wheezy (Debian 7) and Debian Jessie (upcoming Debian 8?). If you want to use my kernel 3.15.0-6-exton for 64bit systems, you can DOWNLOAD it from here.

md5sum for, which is of 59,6 MB.

Installation instructions
Open the zip-file with WinZip, WinRAR or 7-Zip. Or run this command: unzip Go into the folder ubuntu-kernel-64bit-3.15.0-6-exton and run this command:
sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.15.0-6_3.15.0-6.11_all.deb \

Then: Run command sudo update-grub (if you use Grub2).

It is possible to install Nvidia’s proprietary drivers if you use “my” kernel 3.15.0-6-exton. Could be useful if you like to play games. Please read this instruction. The Nvidia drivers in for example Ubuntu’s repositories – “Current” etc. – can’t be used. It is supposed to be “impossible” to install Nvidia’s latest drivers when running kernel 3.13 – 3.15 without “patches” etc.

A small clarification
“My” kernel 3.15.0-6-exton is compiled exactly the same way as all official Ubuntu kernels. That is, The Ubuntu Way. If not, the kernel would not function in a Ubuntu/Debian system.

Good luck!

exton  /140623


4 thoughts on “Kernel 3.15.0-6-exton (3.15.0 stable)

  1. Hi! I was looking for a simple way to install the actual ubuntu patched 3.15 kernel on my ubuntu 14.04 install…would that be your 3.15.0-6? (my friend who runs 14.10 development tells me that is exactly what he has)….
    And as far as installing…do you mean i can just unzip it with 7z and then open the folder, then copy and paste the command you gave to install it? And is that pasted in as one command or three separate ones?
    I am a bit of a technophobe, which is why i am asking these questions, so that hopefully, you can clarify for me…
    I am currently running 3.15 on my 14.04 install but it is from the mainline kernel and not the ubuntu compiled version, which is what i really wanted…Reason being that i tested 3.15.0-6 on a live session of 14.10 and it runs cooler for me then the mainline version does…
    Thanks in advance for your help…

  2. Thanks so much….i downloaded and unzipped your file…instead of running in the terminal, i used gdebi to install each of your 3 debs and they installed easily and perfectly! Re-booted and i was in your compiled ubuntu-patched 3.15 final kernel…works beautifully! Now i have the nice cool running ubuntu patched version on my ubuntu 14.04 and am a very happy camper…without your compiled package i never would have gotten it on…

    The ubuntu patched version runs much better then mainline so it’s a great service you are providing us with…Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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