A new (perfect) 3.17.0 kernel for Puppy Linux

I don’t know how useful this info is for the average Puppy Linux user is, but today I have compiled a new perfect (as I think) 3.17.0 kernel for my PuppEX installed (not “frugal”) system. I call it 3.17.0-puppex.

The kernel can be used in all newer 32 bit Puppy Linux “fully” installed systems. I.e. not “frugal” systems.

DOWNLOAD (puppy-k317.zip)

1. unzip puppy-k317.zip
2. Place vmlinuz in /boot
3. Create new folders 3.17.0-puppex and all-firmware in /lib/modules
4. Open the sfs files and copy the content to the folders 3.17.0-puppex respectively all-firmware


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