A “review” of PuppEX Tahr

Puppy LinuxI simply must cite a member of Puppy Linux Forum 141201: This is astonishing – outstanding even, boots fast and absolutely fly’s on my old X60 Thinkpad. Lost for words to describe just how good this is. Anyone that want’s a real OS experience and more should try this. Still playing – looking better all the time.

My reply: Thanks for your kind words, but do you really mean that my remaster PuppEX Tahr is faster than the original system (Tahrpup 6.0)?

Member’s reply: Running puppy tahr 6ce now – nopae, as pae did not recognize Wlan. Very little between them booting, but considering your PuppEX has Gimp, VLC, the latest stable kernel and presumably additional tweaks / bits & bobs etc. Very impressive. Will play some more and see – both are exceptional.

Member‘s 2nd reply: Re-booted into PuppEX – so hard to be sure – but it does seem to be a little faster booting. Have mislaid my IWC timer (must get another quality timepiece). Perhaps the verbose mode (very informative) generates the illusion of greater activity = faster? Still very good, all things considered. More playing to do.


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