Exton Linux Live CD’s/DVD’s in English

exton-se-logoEvery now and then I usually publish a list of all the Linux systems I currently maintain. Now it may be time to do it again.

Exton Linux Live CD’s/DVD’s in English

All (free) Exton Linux distributions are hosted by The Swedish Linux Society. Sixteen (16) exton distributions can also be downloaded from SourceForge.netFast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory and/or from Softpedia.comthe encyclopedia of free software downloads!

Exton|OS 64bit Linux Live DVD » version 151022 and 151103 (Light) based on Ubuntu 15.10 and Debian Jessie (Debian 8.1) with Mate 1.10.2/Openbox 3.6.1 and kernel 4.2.0-16-exton  » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of  Exton|OS’s Desktop (Mate) and Exton|OS’s Light Desktop (Openbox)

ExTiX 15.4 64bit » version 151017 based on Debian 8.1 Jessie/Ubuntu 15.10 with LXQt/KDE and kernel 4.2.0-16-exton  » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of ExTiX 15.4 Desktop – LXQt 0.9.0
Screenshot of ExTiX 15.4 Desktop – KDE 4.15

SlackEX 14.1 64bit Linux Live DVD » version 151211 based on Slackware 14.1 with KDE 4.10.5 and kernel 4.3.1-x86_64-exton » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of SlackEX’s Desktop

Exton|Defender Linux Super Rescue System version 150531 – 64 bit – based on Fedora 22 with Cinnamon 2.4.8 and version 150701 – 32bit – based on Mageia 5 with Cinnamon 2.4.5 » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of Exton|Defender’s FC22 Cinnamon Desktop and Exton|Defender’s MGA Cinnamon Desktop

EXTON MultiBootCD 6-OS » version 150131 with six (6) different mini Linux Systems » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of the boot screen

CruxEX 3.2 64bit 2016 Linux Live CD/USB » version 151128 based on CRUX 3.2 with LXDE and kernel 4.3.0-x86_64-cruxex » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of CruxEX’s Desktop

ExLight Live DVD 64bit » version 151031 based on Ubuntu and Debian with Enlightenment 0.19.12 and kernel 4.2.0-16-exton » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of ExLight’s Desktop

ArchEX Dual boot 64bit/32bit Linux Live DVD » Build 151117 based on Arch Linux with kernel 4.2.5-1-ARCH and LXDE » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of ArchEX’s Desktop

exGENT Linux Live DVD 64bit/32bit » version 141130 and 141205 based on Gentoo with Xfce4 respectively LXDE and genkernel 3.17.4-gentoo-exton/3.16.5-gentoo-exton » DOWNLOAD
Screenshots of the Xfce4, Lxqt and LXDE Desktops

MeX 64bit Linux » version 150714 based on Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela with Cinnamon 2.6.13 and kernel 3.19.0-22-generic
Screenshot of the Cinnamon Desktop

LFA (Linux for all) 64bit DVD » version 151024 based on Ubuntu 15.10 and Debian Jessie with Fluxbox combined with Cairo-Dock and kernel 4.2.0-16-exton » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of LFA’s Desktop

PuppEX Slacko Linux Live DVD 64bit » version 151130 based on Puppy Linux Slacko64 6.3.0 with kernel 4.3.0-x86_64-puppex » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of PuppEX Desktop

EXTON OpSuS 42.1 KDE Linux live USB » version 151112 based on openSUSE 42.1 Leap with KDE 4.14.10 as Desktop environment. Coming as an IMAGE file for direct installation on a USB pen drive» DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of EXTON OpSuS’s KDE Desktop

DebEX Barebone/Gnome/KDE 64bit Live DVD » version 150902, 150831 and 150830 based on Debian Jessie with Xfce 4.12, Gnome 3.14 respectively KDE 4.14.3 and kernel 4.2.0-7-exton respectively 4.1.0-3-exton » DOWNLOAD
Screenshots of DebEX Barebone’s Xfce Desktop, DebEX Gnome’s Gnome Desktop and of DebEX KDE’s KDE Desktop

Andex (Android-x86) 6.0 Marsmallow Live CD » version 151206 with “my special” kernel 4.0.9-exton-android-x86 and GAPPS pre-installed » DOWNLOAD for 9 $
Screenshot of the Desktop

AndEX (Android-x86) 5.1.1 Lollipop Live CD » version 151010 with “my special” kernel 4.0.8-exton-android-x86 and GAPPS pre-installed » DOWNLOAD for 9 $
Screenshot of the Desktop

Android-x86 KitKat 4.4.4 Live CD Exton build 7 » version 150721 with kernel 4.0.8-exton-android-x86, Google Play Store and many other GAPPS pre-installed » DOWNLOAD for 9 $
Screenshot of the Space Galactic Live Desktop

RaspEX for Raspberry Pi 2 » version 151027 based on Debian Jessie (Debian 8.1), Ubuntu Wily Werewolf (Ubuntu 15.10) and Linaro (Open Source software for ARM SoCs) » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of the Desktop

RaspAnd for Raspberry Pi 2 build 3 » version 150924 is an Android 5.1 Lollipop system which can run on Raspberry Pi 2 » DOWNLOAD for 9 $
Screenshot of the Desktop

RaspArch for Raspberry Pi 2 » version 151107 is a “remaster” of Arch Linux ARM. When you have installed RaspArch to your Micro SD Card you can use the system like any other Arch Linux system » DOWNLOAD
Screenshot of the Desktop

C A Exton 151212


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