NEWS 160828 re. RaspAnd (Android 6.0.1 on Raspberry Pi 3/2) Build 160717 and some tips

raspand-Google-now-launcher-smallNEWS 160828 re. RaspAnd Build 160717 and some tips
Today I started up RaspAnd for the first time in four weeks. I then “had to” update 11 apps. I did it using Aptoide App Manager and Google Play Store. This screenshot shows my installed apps today. As you can see there is one app called SnapTube. It is very useful since you can download videos from (for example) YouTube. Even if the videos can’t be watched in RaspAnd the video quality is perfect. Using Rotation Control Pro you’ll have to change settings now and then to keep the landscape mode. That can be a bit annoying. If you want a more permanent fix you can install an app called Rotation version 6.0.8 via Aptoide.

Please note that Skype can’t be used the “normal” way in RaspAnd. Only text messages can be sent and received.

READ MORE about RaspAnd…


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