A new version of DebEX Barebone is ready!

DebianAbout DebEX Barebone
The system is a based on Debian Wheezy (upcoming Debian 7). There is also certain elements of Debian Sid (unstable). LXDE is used as Desktop environment. “The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) is an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environment“. I have replaced the original Debian kernel 3.2 with “my special” kernel 3.8.0-15-exton (Kernel.org’s 3.8.4, stable). The system language is English.

NEWS 130402
I’ve replaced Fluxbox with LXDE and added the applications GParted (partition editor) and AlsaPlayer. I’ve also compiled a new kernel: 3.8.0-15-exton (3.8.4).

Why has the kernel been replaced?

There has been added a lot of different kinds of hardware support etc. in kernel 3.8.4. So if you have acquired new hardware, which is not supported in your Linux systems based on Debian/Ubuntu it might be worth testing DebEX Barebone. There is, among other things, support for brand new USB devices, like printers and cameras, etc. And better sound support. If you just want to switch to a newer Debian/Ubuntu kernel, you can read HERE – 64bit.

Program content etc
As the name suggests, DebEX Barebone has only a minimum of software installed in advance. Among them LXTerminal, PCManFM, Leafpad, Wicd, Iceweasel (Firefox), GParted, AlsaPlayer and Synaptic. All programs have been updated to the latest available version as of April 2, 2013. See a complete LIST of all installed packages. I will give you the pleasure of installing all extra packages YOU need after a hard disk installation of DebEX Barebone. Use Synaptic for that. You can of course also install new packages while running the system live (from CD/USB stick), but nothing will be saved after a reboot. If you have plenty of RAM you can even install big programs (such as LibreOffice) while running the system live.